We are a company that offers diagnostic services, consulting, research and agricultural training. Our mission is to provide pro-active, reliable and practical solutions through modern techniques and innovative knowledge. We focus on ensuring the plant health, quality and sustainability of our clients' agricultural operations in Guatemala and Central America.

Through continuous service innovation and agricultural knowledge Create/build a stable and sustainable company with managers and employees committed to customer satisfaction. We aspire to a positive leadership that guides us towards continuous improvement, application of new knowledge, commitment to the environment and training of professionals with high standards in the field of diagnostics, agricultural consulting and plant health.


Experience in the development of research projects adapted to the agricultural sector.

AGROEXPERTOS has extensive knowledge in the development and application of strategies for pest and disease control. Our experience is based on correct diagnosis and field evaluation of agro-inputs, chemicals and biologicals that control phytopathogens and insects.

Team of professionals and installed capacity necessary to develop research in the links of the productive Agro-chains in the areas of production and post-harvest.

AGROEXPERTOS Laboratory infrastructure has the necessary equipment and human resources to conduct all the supporting tests to identify pests and diseases that can be found in the different agricultural regions of the Central American region. We have software packages for statistical analysis of data, with the required scientific rigor.

Our clients include leading institutions in the areas of agro-inputs, plant production, research and government.